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Saint Peter Archive

This archival material is kept in the Ottoman Bank Archives and Research Center (OBARC) archive catalog under the heading “Saint Pierre à Galata” (Saint Peter in Galata) and consists of the collection of the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Galata. The archive comprises documents that record the presence and evolution of the Latin community in Galata from the 18th century to the present. The inventory of these archives compiled in 1939 by Fr. Benedetto Palazzo, the prior of Saint Peter’s Church in Galata between 1938 and 1945, was published in Italian in 2002. The catalog was classified and translated and the documents were itemized to OBARC standards based on the information it contained. Next, they were scanned at the Center and converted into digital format. The original papers are preserved in the Church Archive. You may consult the full catalog prepared by Fr. Benedetto Palazzo in issues 11 (2002) and 12 (2003) of the Dominican History Newsletter.


Titled “Saint Pierre à Galata,” the collection contains documents in French, Italian, Latin, Ottoman Turkish, and Turkish and consists of two sections: “Couvent” (Convent) and “Paroisse” (Congregation).  

1740-1823 yıllarına ait vaftiz, evlilik ve ölüm kayıtlarını içeren defterden bir sayfa.

The “Paroisse” section comprises 22 registers, kept by the Church from 1740 to 1950, recording births, baptisms, and deaths in the Latin Community of Yedikule, Bakırköy, and Galata.

Saint Pierre Kilisesi'ne ait bir apartman binasının projesi.The “Couvent” section consists of documents from the end of the 17th century to the middle of the 20th century such as Church correspondence, title-deeds, real estate rent contracts, rental agreements, rent receipts, property blueprints, expense receipts, and dispute documents concerning disagreements among members of the Latin Community. The rent contracts, most of which concern Church-owned real estate in the districts of Yedikule, Bakırköy, and Galata, have been organized in chronological order. Based on this data, researchers can examine changes in the population and businesses of said districts.

The Saint Peter archive is now available to researchers at the Ottoman Archives and Research Center. Researchers may scan the catalog online but need written consent for their research from the Church of Saint Peter in order to use a document. The list of documents in this section is accessible under the heading “Others” in the Catalog.


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See Also

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Brochure of the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.