A Centre for History and Culture

Since its foundation in 1997, the Ottoman Bank Archives and Research Centre has endeavored to bring its work to the wider public, both academic and lay, through various activities.

Lectures, Seminars, Symposiums

The Voyvoda Street Lectures
Symposiums on Istanbul
Enlightenment Symposiums
Library Week Events
The Making of Modern Turkey Seminars
Both Shores of the Aegean Seminars


Voyvoda Street from Ottoman Times to Today
Paper Money from the Ottoman Period to the Present
Glimpses from the Past in the Ottoman Bank Archives
Plenty of Fantasy No Money Caricatures of an Economy in Debt (1874 – 1954)
Pride and Privilege
Galata through the Ages
Death in Istanbul: Death and Its Rituals in Ottoman-Islamic Culture
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A Floating Exhibit of Turkey and Projecting the Nation
Turgut Cansever: Architect and Thinker
Consuming the Orient
Sedad Hakki Eldem (1908-1988) I Early Years
Prelude to the 1908 Revolution:
The Ottomans in Paris

What Hurts the Purse, Hurts the Soul Insurance in the Ottoman Empire With Documents from the Collection
Sedad Hakki Eldem II, Retrospective
OBM’s Consuming the Orient exhibition on view in Paris...

Prize Competition for Research on the History of Banking and Finance

In order to encourage academic research in the field of Turkish banking and financial history, the Centre has held a prize competition in collaboration with the European Association for Banking History and the History Foundation, (Tarih Vakfi), since 2000.

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Prize Competition 2002
Prize Competition 2004
Prize Competition 2006

All prize-winning papers in the separate categories are published by the Centre.

Publications of the Prize Competition

Other Events

Symposium in Moscow! "A Historical Perspective of Turco-Russian Relations"
Panel on the examination of the book, Ottoman Finance: Institutions and Budgets
Melcom conference...
Commemorating Stefanos Yerasimos at the Ottoman Bank Museum
World-Leading Economic Historians at the Ottoman Bank Museum: 6 th European Historical Economics Society Conference
The Activities of the Ottoman Bank Museum for the Commemoration of the Camondo Family
Modernism, City, and Empire
Workshop: Archives and IT Solutions
Colloquium: East Meets West: Banking, Commerce and Investment