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The crew of the Isonde, the bank's steam boat

Vangheli TSATSADOPOULOVangheli TSATSADOPOULO (PP016) was born in the Peloponese in 1877. A Greek subject of the orthodox faith, married in 1900 with one daughter, he spoke Greek and Turkish but did not pursue any studies. He previously worked on the boat belonging to the Zarifi family for twelve years and on that of the Eugenides family for seven years.

He entered Imperial Ottoman Bank in August 1914 as helmsman of the Isonde. It was learned in February 1917 that he had been arrested on 22 January of the same year accused of theft in a barracks at Therapia. He was subsequently acquitted by a court martial. In December 1922 he was asked to look after the heating of the branch premises during the winter, receiving an indemnity of TL15 per month in addition to his basic salary. Suffering from severe rheumatism, he asked if he could be employed on land. As the bank had no position to offer him, he was made redundant in June 1923.

One month later, he was replaced by Emmanuel KELAIDITIS (PP056), an Ottoman subject of the orthodox faith, born at Artaki (Erdek) in 1892 and a bachelor. Between 1918 and 1922, he had been employed as a sailor on the Augustine belonging to the British military base at Constantinople. Speaking Greek and Turkish, he studied at the local primary school of his native village. In 1926, after one month's medical leave, he did not return to the bank. After investigation, the personnel department understood that he had left Turkey for Greece. His employment was therefore revoked.

Todori DAKOGLOUThe first mechanic of the Isonde, Todori DAKOGLOU (PP003), replaced Fortunato Maresi deceased. Todori occupied this position from March 1921. He was a Turkish citizen of orthodox faith and had studied at the two Greek schools in Constantinople at Buyukdere and Zographion, as well as at the French school Saint-Pierre in Galata. Furthermore, he had obtained a second grade mechanic's diploma from the Ministry of the Marine. From 1910 to 1914, he was a mechanic at Chirket i-Hairié, also known as Sirket i-Hayriye, the Istanbul shipping company. He spoke French and Greek. In 1927, he was transferred to the department responsible for heating the premises within the supply services department. From 1932 onwards, he also acted as plumber and locksmith in the bank.

In 1927, apart from Todori Dakoglou, the personnel of the steamer Isonde included:
Mehmed CHEHABEDDINE, Captain
Ali bin HASSAN, Assistant Mechanic
Ahmed MEHMEDOGLOU, Helmsman
Osman MEHMED and Minas OHANESSIAN, sailors.

When the boat was laid up during the winter, its personnel carried out other functions, generally "responsibility for heating the head office" or as office messenger. Thus, in the minutes No 122 of General Management dated 17 November 1923, it was decided "to lay up the steamer and bring its crew to the head office where they will be used for subordinate duties. One of the Turkish servants in the head office will be sent to the steamer as caretaker. The captain and mechanic will from time to time oversee maintenance of the engines" (CV-PV031 p. 992).


Mehmed ŞEHABEDDINThe captain of the steamer Isonde, Mehmed CHEHABEDDINE (PP006) was a former pupil of the School of Merchant Shipping at Scutari (Uskudar). He had long experience in shipping: one year's apprenticeship as pupil captain on the steamer Edirne plying between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, later Captain of the steamer belonging to the Dardanelles Health and Quarantine Department (Karantina) captain of the Steamer Halitch (Haliç) belonging to the Turkish National Water Company Milli Turk Su Sirketi, captain on vessels belonging to the British Naval Transport Division in the Bosphorus. He spoke Turkish, Greek, English and a little French. He entered the service of the bank in 1926 and remained until January 1949. During the last years of his service, between 1932 and his departure, he acted as "head messenger" (odabasi), first at the head office and then at the Stamboul (Yenicami) branch. In 1936, he adopted the family name Nuyan.



Ali bin HASSANBorn in the region of Diyarbakir in 1883, Ali bin HASSAN (PP181) studied for 11 years at the Arsenal School of Mechanics (Carkci Ameliyat Mektebi). He served on board numerous war ships during the First World War. In 1923, when he was recruited by the bank as helmsman, he had the title of officer mechanic. The following year, he was appointed second mechanic and caretaker on the Isonde. Following the dry docking of the steamer and its laying up in December 1932, Ali bin Hassan was made redundant.





Ahmed MEHMEDOĞLUAhmed MEHMEDOGLOU (PP192) was born in Of in 1908. A Muslim, he had not been to school and only spoke Turkish. He was taken on as helmsman of the Isonde in May 1925. Following the laying up of the steamer in October of the same year he was made redundant and re-engaged in March 1926 for the same functions which he continued until May 1930.





Minas OHANESSIANMinas OHANESSIAN (PP142) was engaged by Imperial Ottoman Bank on 1 November 1894 as second mechanic of the Isonde. A Gregorian Armenian, he was originally from Ada Pazar (Ada Pazari). He spent all his childhood in the orphanage at Yedikule. He spoke Armenian, Turkish, Greek and a little French. For four years he was a mechanic in the Cavafian workshops. In June 1929, he was made redundant for the first time and replaced by Ali Osmanoglou. A year later, he was re-engaged temporarily as assistant and for the winter only in the boiler room. In fact, he stayed at the Imperial Ottoman Bank until he died in December 1946 after 52 years' service. Between time in 1936 he adopted the family name Gumusgerdan. According to the season, he switched his function between office messenger and the bank's heating.




Osman bin MEHMEDThe son of a baker and illiterate, Osman bin MEHMED (PP050) changed his name to Osman Hasa in 1936. He was born at Kandilli in 1890 and worked as a boatman for four years before entering the Imperial Ottoman Bank. Recruited initially as office messenger for two years, 1924 to 1926, he then transferred as sailor on the Isonde and alternated these two functions according to the season until 1932. He was then employed as messenger at the head office until he left in 1955.