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This section consists of documents, other than bank records, added to the Ottoman Bank Archives following new acquisitions or joint projects with other research centers, archives or libraries. The documentation archive includes: the Annuaire Oriental series (trade directories for ıstanbul and the Ottoman Empire); newspapers, magazines, monographs, statistics, informational documents such as reports; postage stamps, copper, nickel, silver and gold coins (sikke); medals, insignias, postcards, portraits, and maps. 

A complete listing of the documents in this section can be accessed under the heading Documentation in Catalog. In the classification phase, document text was included so that the catalog supports keyword-based searching.


Newspapers and Magazines

This section provides access to news sources from the 19th and 20th centuries, in Turkish, Ottoman Turkish, French, English, and other western languages. It offers a selection of individual issues or clippings from a large variety of newspapers and magazines, organized around the themes of political, economic and social history, banking, and humor.

The Periodicals Collection
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Local and Foreign Press in the Ottoman World



A brooch bar of medals with, from left to right, the gilt Medal of Distinction (İmtiyaz Madalyası), the silver Medal of Distinction, the silver Medal for Merit (Liyakat Madalyası), the silver Medal of the Greek War, the silver Medal of the Military Equipment Fund (Tesisat-ı Askeriyye İane Madalyası), and the silver Medal of the Hedjaz Railroad Fund. İsa Akbaş collection.

This section is organized around the themes of the Museum’s special exhibition Pride and Privilege, which remained open to the public from September 28 through December 26, 2004. Other than orders and decorations, the section includes visual material regarding coins and banknotes.

Ottoman Orders and Decorations as Forms of Honor
The Library Numismatic Collection  
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This section originated with a project conducted in collaboration with the French Institute for Anatolian Studies (Institut français d'études anatoliennes). Travelogues covering a time span from the 17th to the 20th centuries housed in the Institute’s library were scanned and converted to digital format. The collection now includes monographs of travels to the Ottoman Empire, the Balkans, and the Middle East, and travelogues on similar topics downloaded from, the digital library of the National Library of France (Bibliothèque nationale de France). The Center is also adding to the archive digital copies of travelogues on the same themes belonging to other libraries or individuals.

Fascination with the Ottoman Empire, Travelogues and Orientalism…

Photographs and Postcards

Outdoor cafť (gazino) on the pier, BŁyŁkada. Publisher J. Livanios. Tahsin Ispiroglu collection, AHISTBADA021

Most of the photographs and postcards in the collection feature cities in the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic. But, owing to the diplomatic relations eventually established between the Empire and Europe, the collection also includes some views of European cities. Images of old stores, railroads, train stations, piers, ports, docks, neighborhoods and squares, consulate buildings and palaces, mosques, monasteries, churches, schools, hospitals, as well as depictions of momentous political events, allow viewers to relive the history of the 19th and 20th centuries.
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From Orientalism to Ottoman Palace Photography
Another Instrument of Orientalism: Postcards



This section consists of maps and blueprints – the majority of which have been converted to digital format – dating mainly from the 19th or 20th centuries and featuring Istanbul and its various districts (such as Galata, Pera, Tophane, Eminönü, Pangaltı, Kasımpaşa, Şişli, Nişantaşı, Kadıköy, the Bosphorus and its environs, the Princes’ Islands etc.), as well as Izmir, Edirne, and other Anatolian provinces. The section also includes thematic maps depicting Byzantine Istanbul and key events in the foundation and rise of the Ottoman Empire such as the Battle of Ankara, the conquest of Istanbul, the siege of Vienna, and so on.
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About the period’s topographers and cartographers.



The portrait collection offers glimpses of the varying physiognomies, attires, and body language of a wide assortment of people from the late Ottoman period, from members of the Imperial family, religious personalities, ambassadors, civil servants, all the way down to street vendors and beggars.
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Morgan Hugh Poster C. B. General Director of the Ottoman Bank, L'Orient illustrť, January 30, 1875, no. 97. OBARC Library Collection.