A Twin Exhibition
At Garanti Gallery And At The Ottoman Bank Museum

Turgut Cansever:
Architect and Thinker

Garanti Gallery and The Ottoman Bank Museum are hosting a "Twin Archive-Exhibition" between 4 April - 23 June 2007, entitled "Turgut Cansever: Architect and Thinker" and curated by Ugur Tanyeli and Atilla Yücel. Both exhibitions have set out to visualize Cansever's intellectual and architectural adventure, with the aim of tracing the development of constructional and written works by this architect and thinker. The "twin exhibition" concept has been defined in tandem to this dual nature of his personality. As a result, the Turgut Cansever twin exhibition comprises two autonomous components that complement each other even though they do not share the same location or design format.

The exhibition component at Garanti Gallery depicts Cansever as a thinker and a social figure. The exhibition will have an almost interactive relationship with the visitors, largely depending on digital technology and printed texts. It will also recount Cansever's personality as the outcome of the human society in which he came to his own. The component at The Ottoman Bank Museum, on the other hand, focuses on Cansever's architectural works. Most of the visual materials to be shown at this exhibition, except for the new architectural models, are originals from the periods they were produced. The works of over half a century, from the 1940s onwards, are presented via photographs, drawings and sketches. Together with the two components, this exhibition will be the first retrospective exhibition in Turkey to use archival material for an architect.

The visuals, other documents, and texts of the exhibition are brought together in a separate archive-book that goes beyond being a summary of the exhibition. The book, just like the exhibition, has been created by the editors, Ugur Tanyeli and Atilla Yücel. BEK Design and Consulting have carried out the design of the exhibition, book and publicity material.